【Fair Information】 Februay 22th, 23th _ Finish Stamp 3x Day

【Fair Information】 Februay 22th, 23th _ Finish Stamp 3x Day

February 22(Fri), 23(Sat) only for 2 days

We will hold a complete stamp three times the day.

Thank you for your patronage! We will hold a stamp three times as full this month as well.

Normally one complete stamp and one stamp, you can get 3, 3 times as much popular as Day!

I will wait for everyone's visit.

[Store hosts] All 59 shop except Akashi shop, Akitsu Shoten 2nd

※ Stamp 3 times Day is usually a "complete" one stamp with a single stamp, a staple of 3 deals is a great event.

[Store hosts]

Held at 52 directly managed stores

【 Note 】

・ On the Finish stamp 3 times Day you will need the "IEKEI ramen official perfect app".

· We will stamp 3 times even on download on the day.

What is it?

Delicious until the last drop! We say "to complete" all our drinks up to the soup of our ramen, which sticks to the best cup.

Upon completion

Each time you complete “Complete”, you will be given one stamp on the “ IEKEI Ramen Official Complete App”. If you collect 10 stamps, you will receive a free ramen coupon.