Notice of fire occurrence and temporary closure

Yesterday, at about 7am on January 28, a fire broke out at the “ Machida Shoten Main Store” operated by our company. In this fire, it was possible to keep the level of fire dimly because it was not during Business hours and was able to respond early, and fortunately there were no injuries. We apologize deeply for your concern and inconvenience.

Along with this, several days from the necessity of restoration work The day after tomorrow (1/31, around Thursday)I will temporarily close it. We will do our best to restore, so thank you for your understanding as we are placed in the customer. For details of business restart date, etc., I will inform you on this homepage, paste in front of the store etc.

We would like to continue to apologize to the customers, our neighbors and others in this matter, as well as to make thorough measures to prevent recurrence as a company. We will appreciate your continued patronage as we strive for customers.