【Store Information】 November 15 _Machida Shoten Toyohashi store opened!

[Store information] 11Monday 15th _ Machida Shop Toyohashi store opened!

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Machida shop.

Machida shop Toyohashi store opened on November 15, 2018!
Aiming at a shop that you can love for everyone in the community, all the staff will deliver Shiawase with energetic and smiling faces.
Please drop in when you come nearby.
All of our staff are waiting from the bottom of our hearts.

【 Shop information 】
<Store name> Machida store Toyohashi store
<Phone number> 0532-21-8577
<Address> Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi City Iimura-cho Nishiyama 25-179
<Business hours> 11: 00-24: 00
<Fixed holiday> 7 days a week